Exploring the Legacy of R. Greenleaf in Las Vegas, NM

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R. Greenleaf, also known as Robert Greenleaf, was a prominent figure in the history of Las Vegas, NM. He was a businessman, philanthropist, and community leader who made significant contributions to the development and growth of the town.

Born in Illinois in 1858, Greenleaf moved to New Mexico in the late 1800s to seek opportunities in the cattle and sheep ranching industry. He established several successful ranches in the area and became a prominent member of the local business community.

Greenleaf’s impact on Las Vegas, NM, was far-reaching. He played a significant role in the establishment of the town’s first hospital, the St. Anthony Hospital, in 1902. He also helped to establish the first public library in the town and was a strong supporter of education, serving on the board of regents for New Mexico Highlands University.

In addition to his business and philanthropic activities, Greenleaf was also active in politics. He served as mayor of R. Greenleaf Las Vegas NM, from 1914 to 1915 and was a member of the New Mexico House of Representatives from 1917 to 1919.

Greenleaf’s legacy in Las Vegas, NM, lives on today. The St. Anthony Hospital, which he helped to establish, is still in operation and serves the healthcare needs of the local community. The public library that he helped to establish has also grown and expanded, providing a valuable resource for residents of the town.

Greenleaf’s contributions to the development and growth of Las Vegas, NM, are a testament to his dedication and commitment to the town and its people. His legacy serves as an inspiration to current and future generations of Las Vegans, reminding them of the importance of community involvement and the power of philanthropy to create positive change.

In addition to his civic and philanthropic activities, Greenleaf was also an important figure in the cattle industry. He was a founder and director of the Las Vegas National Bank, which provided financing to local ranchers and farmers. Greenleaf also served as president of the New Mexico Cattle Growers Association and was instrumental in the establishment of the New Mexico State Fair.

Despite his many accomplishments, Greenleaf was known for his modesty and humility. He was not one to seek the limelight or boast about his achievements, but rather saw his success as a way to give back to his community and support those around him.

Greenleaf passed away in 1930, but his legacy in Las Vegas, NM, continues to be celebrated. In 2013, the city of Las Vegas named a park after Greenleaf in honor of his contributions to the town. The R. Greenleaf Park features a playground, basketball court, and picnic area, providing a space for residents to enjoy outdoor activities and come together as a community.

Today, the legacy of R. Greenleaf serves as a reminder of the power of individual action to create positive change and make a lasting impact on a community. His commitment to philanthropy, education, and civic engagement continues to inspire residents of Las Vegas, NM, and his memory remains an important part of the town’s history and identity.


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